Jesus is Over All


1.  The supremacy of Christ over everything

2. The supremacy of Christ and why it matters to you

3. The supremacy of Christ made known through Paul

Johnson Chiu

September 20

Reasons for Thanksgiving and Prayer


1.  You are blessed because the gospel has come to you

2. You received the gospel and it bears good fruit

3. Prayers for your future growth

4. Be confident of your spiritual reality

Johnson Chiu

September 13

Social Upheaval for the Love of Christ


1.  Commitment to Christ regardless of death threats

2. Paul arrested in the temple

3. Paul testifies before the people

4. Paul before the Roman Tribune

5. Paul before the council

Johnson Chiu

August 30

The Gospel Confronts Death


1.  Eutychus brought back from death

2. Hurrying on the way to Jerusalem

3. Paul speaks to the Ephesian elders regarding death threats

4. Paul’s tearful farewell

Johnson Chiu

August 23

Spiritual Power Encounters in Ephesus


1.  The gospel breaks into the powers of darkness in Ephesus

2. Authority of Christ over mysticism and magic

3. Overturning culture and idols in Ephesus

Johnson Chiu

August 16

Challenging Idols


1.  Social upheaval in Thessalonica

2. The proclamation of the gospel confronts culture in Berea

3. Confronting idols in Athens

4. Confronting false gods in the Areopagus

Johnson Chiu

August 9

The Jerusalem Council Makes It Official


1.  The Controversy:  Can Gentiles truly be saved if they do not first become good Jews?

2. The Jerusalem Council: Peter makes the case regarding how God has dealt with Gentiles

3. James’ recommendation to the Jewish believers

4. The Verdict:  Justification is possible through Jesus without any extra work!

Johnson Chiu

August 2

God is not in Lockdown


1.  Right where God wants us in 2020

2. Fruits of the Spirit when the world is fired up or locked down

3. Drop the pieces and embrace Jesus

4. Passing the baton

John Tuggy

July 26

The Gospel and Racial Equality


1.God is already at work among the Gentiles

2.Breaking Jewish law, Peter’s vision becomes reality as he meets Cornelius

3. Even more confirmation, the Holy Spirit falls on the Gentiles

4. As Peter testifies, the Church recognizes Gentile believers

Johnson Chiu

July 19

Are We There Yet?


1. “Time” increases the severity of the trial

    a.  Isaiah’s faithfulness unto death

2.The blessings in trusting the Lord amid trials

    a. Short term trials

    b. Long term trials

Pastor Hongjie Yu

July 12

Truth and Consequences


1.  When God reigns, His kingdom touches earth

2. The lie could not be tolerated because it undermined the unity of the Body, their core mission and God Himself

3.Sometimes, the justice of God comes sooner rather than later

4. God purified His church so it may continue to grow

Johnson Chiu

July 05


2020 Labor Day Conference

To Be Conformed to The Image of His Son


Sept 2020