Adjusting to the New Normal, Part 2


1. Acknowledge the past: Jesus has guarded us and kept us safe

2. Recognizing the present: Jesus needed to go back to the Father

3. Embracing the future: Jesus will complete His work in us


Johnson Chiu

March 21

The Testimony of a Truly Alive Person!


1. The secret to contentment is found in understanding true significance and value

2. The secret to having all your needs met is in discovering the source of the supply

3. Grace, kindness and blessing change us so we can pass it on to others


Johnson Chiu

March 14

Learning to Live Anxiety-Free


1. Be careful where you place your focus

2. Let prayer be your first response

3. Peace comes as God guards your heart

4. Keeping the peace means thinking about the right things

5. Emulate those living out the peace of God


Johnson Chiu

February 28

Learning to Live in Harmony


1. If possible, keep the spirit of unity

2. Disagreements may come but we must be careful not to be disagreeable

3. Rejoice and focus back on Jesus and the richness we have in Christ

4. Focus back on the task at hand because time is short


Johnson Chiu

February 21

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!


1. Press on because there is much more in Christ

2. Do not be held back by the past but strive for more in Christ

3. Christianity is a team sport so value your team

4. Watch out for enemies of Christ who attempt to distract you

5. Focus on the goal and your ultimate destination in Christ


Johnson Chiu

February 14

Gaining the Best, Giving up the Rest!


1. A timely review of what is best!

2. Watch out for false teachers!

3. Paul’s resume in the flesh

4. Counting everything in flesh as garbage

5. Pursuing Christ – pursuing the best!


Johnson Chiu

February 7

God’s Glory in and Through You


1. Work out your salvation! That is, put into action what Christ won for you

2. If you want to glorify God, what are you not to do?

3. If you want to glorify God, what are you to do?

4. Glorify God today and for the future

5. Glorify God by following the example of sacrificial service


Johnson Chiu

January 31

Descending into Glory


1. Reorient your thoughts to experience unity of mind

2. Let humility guide you to achieve unity

3. Follow the example of Jesus Christ to humble yourself

4. Christ’s humility was a lifelong disposition from birth until death

5. Follow Christ in the path of humility that leads to exaltation and glory


Johnson Chiu

January 24

Proclaiming Christ, Whatever the Cost


1. We need to be fully convinced that Christ is worth proclaiming

2. We need to value the verbal proclamation of Christ

3. We need to decide to magnify Christ in life and in death

4. Invite others to count the cost when following Christ


Johnson Chiu

January 17

Growing Together in Christ


1. We are in this together! (Philippians 1:1-2)

2. Be thankful how God works in others. (Philippians 1:3-5)

3. Look beyond your spiritual birth to your entire spiritual life

4. A Sorely Needed End-Times Prayer


Johnson Chiu

January 10

As always, so now also Christ will be Glorified


1. As you look forward into 2021, be certain you will not be ashamed before God

2. Though limited, have godly hope that you may be full of courage

3. You must consciously make a choice to glorify God at all times, especially now in the body


Johnson Chiu

January 3

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