Two Year Lockdown


1. When you are in lockdown for two years, you can still find ways to serve and glorify God

2. Spend time doing what you can and stop obsessing about what you cannot

3. Learn Paul’s secret of contentment under any circumstance

4. Paul released at last



Johnson Chiu

March 29

Adjusting to a New Normal


1.  Do you believe?

2. Scattered, homebound, and scared but not alone

3. God remains close with you

4. The peace of God is for you



Johnson Chiu

March 22

Jesus Christ, Our Once-for-All Sacrifice


1. The Old Covenant and the Sacrificial System

2. The New Covenant and Jesus

3. What now?  How do we respond?



Johnson Chiu

Feb 23

Transformation through Remembrance


1. A Transformative Journey

    Luke 24:13-35

2. God Communes with His People through Remembrance

    1 Cor. 11:24-25



Nancy Yu

William Liao

Jack Hsu

Feb 16

Jesus Christ, Our High Priest of the New Covenant


1. We worship Jesus, our High Priest who SITS

2. We worship Jesus, our High Priest who continues to MINISTER

3. Jesus, our High Priest administers new offerings in the new SANCTUARY

4. Jesus is a mediator of a better covenant, the NEW COVENANT

5. The New Covenant is SUPERIOR to the Old Covenant



Johnson Chiu

Feb 09

Jesus Christ, Our Superior High Priest


1.  Melchizedek is greater than Abraham

2. Melchizedek is greater than Levi

3. The Levitical priesthood is faulty

4. The Melchizedek priesthood is superior

5. Jesus’ Priesthood is superior



Johnson Chiu

Jan 26

Union with Christ through Communion


1. the goal is to grow and deepen my spiritual life with God

2. The Nature of the Bread from Heaven

3. To Eat and Drink

4. From Union to Transformation



Nancy Yu

Jan 19

Jesus Christ, Our High Priest Forever


1. Begin the year with a healthy fear

2.Begin the year with a healthy confidence

3. Jesus is the supreme high priest

4. Jesus sympathizes with your suffering



Johnson Chiu

Jan 12

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