Growing Together in Christ


1. We are in this together! (Philippians 1:1-2)

2. Be thankful how God works in others. (Philippians 1:3-5)

3. Look beyond your spiritual birth to your entire spiritual life

4. A Sorely Needed End-Times Prayer


Johnson Chiu

January 10

As always, so now also Christ will be Glorified


1. As you look forward into 2021, be certain you will not be ashamed before God

2. Though limited, have godly hope that you may be full of courage

3. You must consciously make a choice to glorify God at all times, especially now in the body


Johnson Chiu

January 3

Praise God for His Protection


1. God protects us for our good and His purposes

2. God protects us from the evil intent of others

3. God protects us from enemies and leads us to safety and peace


Johnson Chiu

December 27

Praise God for His Providence


1. Wise men seek the King of the Jews in order to worship Him

2. Herod is alerted of a king and is greatly troubled

3. Prophecies foretell of the Christ and where He will be born

4. The wise men are miraculously led to Jesus and worship Him with gifts

5. Providentially led to Jesus, the wise men are instructed to return home another way


Johnson Chiu

December 20

Praise God for His Sacrifice


1. A miraculous virgin birth indicated Jesus was destined for a special purpose

2. An upright man, Joseph only wanted to do what was right

3. An angel indicates His Name and life mission

4. The obedience and willingness of Joseph to God pointed to Jesus as the Savior


Johnson Chiu

December 13

Praise God for His Grace


1. The genealogies of Jesus prove He had a right to be king of Israel

2. Through each era of history, God is working to bring about His will

3. God’s grace included four outcasts in the godly lineage

4. God’s favor chose an unlikely woman to bear the Savior


Johnson Chiu

December 6