Truth and Consequences


1.  When God reigns, His kingdom touches earth

2. The lie could not be tolerated because it undermined the unity of the Body, their core mission and God Himself

3.Sometimes, the justice of God comes sooner rather than later

4. God purified His church so it may continue to grow

Johnson Chiu

July 05

When You Stand Before Human Rulers


1.  Good works can be misunderstood but follow Jesus anyway

2. Persecution is an opportunity with a spotlight

3. When you speak, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit

4. Expect opposition not approval for following Jesus

5. Rather than live in fear, pray for boldness to live by faith

Johnson Chiu

June 28

God’s Supermen


1.  Men are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26a)

2. Men and women are given the responsibility to govern over creation

3. God is looking for a man to stand in the gap

4. Men are invited to be spiritual fathers

5. We are to honor our fathers

Johnson Chiu

June 21

The Holy Spirit and Compassionate Healing


1.  Ministry opportunities present themselves as you go about life

2. Ministry begins when you can relate to others face to face

3. You are fully equipped for ministry in the Lord

4. Ministry can lead to miracles when we allow God to work through us

5. When miracles happen be sure to give glory to God!

Johnson Chiu

June 14

The Holy Spirit and Community Transformation


1. Continue in what Jesus commanded as you build yourself up in the Lord

2. Godly works inspire people to turn to God

3. Value people and use things, never vice versa

4. Large and small gatherings help us to receive and give

5. Be holy conduits of His Spirit

Johnson Chiu

June 7

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