Being a Vessel of Spiritual Influence


1. Every disciple of Christ is called to be a spiritual influencer

2. What is being a vessel of spiritual influence?

3. What does it take to be a vessel of spiritual influence?

4. Here am I! Send me

William Liao

Sept 25

Being a Vessel of Prayer


1. Story of Peter from ‭‭Acts‬ ‭12:1-17

Jason Wu

Sept 18

Building Up the Body of Christ


1. What are we doing: The three-fold ministry of the New Testament

2. The Challenges Before us

3. Do all things out of the Love of God

William Liao

Sept 11

Psalm 40


1. Life happens. And sometimes, that’s bad news

2. The good news is that God comes through. Always

3. And, people hear about it. Which is good

4. And, we grow from it. Which is great

John Tuggy

Aug 28

Communion with God Transforms Us


1. God communes with His people at the Breaking of Bread through union with Christ

2. Communion with God enables us to have “fellowship” with the saints and testifies that we are one

3. Breaking of Bread is a formative practice that shapes participants and forms them spiritually

4. Breaking of Bread is a meeting of waiting upon the Lord's return

Nancy Yu

Aug 14

Being a Good, Faithful, and Wise Steward


1. We are all called to be good, faithful, and wise stewards

2. The Lord’s Expectations

   a. Be diligent about the Father’s business

   b. Faithful over a few (small) things

3. Make it our aim to hear the Lord say, “Well done”

William Liao

July 31

Being a Faithful and Wise Steward


1. Our understanding of stewardship will dictate how we serve

2. We need to be clear what we are entrusted so we can serve effectively

3. God expects us to steward in such a way as to bring about a profit

4. God’s condemnation reveals fake stewards serving in the name of God

Pastor Johnson Chiu

July 24

Let There Be Rest in Your Life


1. Why Do We Toil Our Lives Away?

2. What is a Heavenly Perspective on Toiling?

3. Let Yourself Rest

Kevin Branstetter

July 17

Establishing a Christian Family that is After God’s Heart


1. Family is designed and established by God

2. Practical living of a Christian Family

3. Choosing to serve the Lord together as a family

William Liao

July 3



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