messages in MAY AND JUNE


Will Liao delivers the message on how and why God's family plan is for parents to pass on their spiritual heritage to their children.


In this special bilingual message, discover how God designed the family as the perfect vessel for discipleship in our homes and churches as we dig into Deuteronomy 6.  

MAY 27 


While our culture is quesitoning God's perfect design for marriage, often our own hearts are also struggling with how and why to follow His plan. Let's look into how God's design reveals our relationship with Jesus Christ and how we give Him glory in the everyday rhythm of our married life.  
JUNE 10 


On Father's Day we put on display the unique and beautiful relationship between God the Father and God the Son. Our goal and application is what Jesus prayed in John 17:3 - to know the Father and His Son. Our text is John 5:19-40. 
JUNE 17 


What does it mean to be in God's family? We often call each other brothers and sisters around here, but what are the amazing possibilities and responsibilities of being a church family? We turn to Hebrews 10 to find out. 
JUNE 24 


Spiritual Warfare and Freedom in Christ


1. Ask God to show you the true needs of the people around you.

2. Use your authority in Christ to bind the strong man.

3. Lead people to freedom in Jesus’ name.

4. Expect to be misunderstood.

5. Count it all joy.

6. Wait for the Lord.

7. Rejoice in His victory!


Oct 20

The Gospel's Triumph over Demonic Deception


1. When you desire to be used of the Lord, expect opposition

2. Trust God has already gone before you to prepare the way

3. Demonic opposition may take familiar forms

4. Confront obstacles with the tools God has given you

5. The gospel is best expressed in the combination of its demonstration and proclamation


Oct 13

Winning the Battle for Your Emotions


1. How do you respond to emotions?

     a. suppression

     b. uncontrolled expression

     c. acknowledgement
2. Emotional Honesty


Sept 29

Winning the Battle for Your Mind


1. be transformed by the renewing of your mind

2. prepare your mind for action

3. take every thought captive in obedience to Christ

4. turn to God.  Bring it to God in prayer

Sept 22

Christian Dilemma - Winning Your Spiritual Battles


Truth #1:  We have a new nature and we are now known as saints
Truth #2:  We have a new nature but we still sin


Sept 15

Who am I, in Light of Who you Are?


But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved


Sept 8

Who do you say that I am?


1. A progressive knowing

2.The depth to which Christ wants us to know Him - Mount of transfiguration

3. Knowing Him changes everything

4. An unquenchable thirst to know Him more

Aug 25

Mark was about action vs teaching


1. When we set aside time for God in our personal devotions, in our family time, and as a church, God moves

2.Personal Interactions with Jesus resulting in Miracles

Aug 25

How to Live Under Extreme Pressure


1. You can’t control circumstances, but you can choose how you will respond

2. You can either permit evil to go unchecked or you can take a stand for what is right

3. Be courageous and act by faith

4. Trust that in due time, God sets everything right

Aug 11

Sir,We Wish To See Jesus!


1. Testimony of a missionary kid

2. Missions have always been done based upon how missionaries understand the Needs of the people and what they can give

3. Jesus’ Mission is to have the Heavenly Kingdom come on earth

4. The core of the mission is to let people see Jesus through our lives and services

July 28

One Course To Expand God's Kingdom (7) - “But God, Being Rich in Mercy”


1. What we desperately need but so difficult to give

2. “But God, being rich in mercy …” (Eph 2:1-5)

3. Know the richness of God’s mercy

4. Be a messenger of the richness of God’s mercy

July 21

True Power


1. The Innocuous Process that Created the Corinthian Problem

2. Jesus’ Model of True Power

3. God Reveals His Unique Path to Power

4. God’s Invitation for Us to Embrace Weakness

July 14


2019 Labor Day Conference

"One Spirit to Exalt Christ, One Course to Expand His Kingdom”  - the theme for this year’s SVCA 25th Anniversary

Sept 2019