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Series: Book of John

      If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me   


1. Who could this be?

2. You will seek Me and not find Me

3. If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me

4. You will seek me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart

William Liao

June 25

      Father's Day Special Message   


1. The Heart of a Father

2. Children of the Heavenly Father

3. Our Hearts Must Remain Teachable

Kevin Branstetter

June 18

      By What Authority ?   


1. John 7 : 1-24

Jason Wu

June 11

      Eternal Provision from the Father   


1. We have gratitude for the Father's provision

2. We trust that the Father will provide

3. We check our own hearts

Kevin Branstetter

May 28

     Experiencing God!   


1. v 5:1-9a – Experience without God

2. v 9b-16 – God without Experience

3. v 17-20 – Experiencing God

Pastor Robert Lledo

May 7

     The Beloved and Blessed Church Life   


1. David could not live without the presence of God

2. David prepared with all his heart and soul to build the temple

3. God will fulfill the promise He gave to David

4. God will greatly bless Zion

Pastor Hongjie Yu

April 30

     Help My Unbelief   


1. John 4 : 31 - 54



Jason Wu

April 23

     The Heart of Worship   


1. Jesus meets us where we are

2. He is the God who stays

3. Jesus offers what truly satisfies

4. Jesus leads us into genuine worship

William Liao

April 16

     Palm Sunday – All the Way to Calvary   


1. A Clear Message, But Not Understood

2. All the Way to Calvary

3. Take up the cross and follow Him

William Liao

April 2

     Turning from the dark and receiving the light   


1. What is True “Belief” in Christ?

2. John’s Example of Belief

3. Rejection or Acceptance

Kevin Branstetter

March 19

  The Gospel of John: You Must Be Born Again   


1. A stealth inquiry

2. Jesus cuts to the chase – “You must be born again.”

3. What is “Born Again”?

4. It is not an understanding of the intellect

5. When you believe in Jesus you will understand

William Liao

Feb 26

The Gospel of John: Cleansing the Temple


1. Why Was the Temple Important?

2. Why Was Jesus Upset?

3. A Demand That God Serves Us

Kevin Branstetter 

Feb 19

That You May Believe - See Past the Miracle and See His Glory


1. Jesus, I need a miracle

2. God has His timing

3.  Faith born out of a relationship

4. Something better than you can imagine

5. Not for us, but for His glory

William Liao

Feb 12

I have Met Him


1. John 1:29-51

2. Acts 9:3-19

Jason Wu

Jan 29

The Gospel of John : The Eternal Word Became Flesh


1. In the beginning was the Word

2. In Him was Life and the Life was the Light of men

3. And of His fullness we have all received, and grace for grace

William Liao

Jan 22

An Overview of the Gospel of John


1. Jesus, the Divine Word Become Flesh

2. Jesus, and His Signs

3. Jesus, the “I Am”

Kevin Branstetter

Jan 15

The Essence of the Book of Philippians: Christ is Our Supply and Satisfaction


1. Christ is our satisfaction: Contentment in the Lord in everything

2. Christ is our strength

3. Christ is our supply

William Liao

Jan 8

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