About Us

our Mission

 Through God's love and strength, we seek to reach the Bay Area with the gospel of Jesus Christ, help Christ-followers flourish, and meet the needs of our brothers and sisters both in our church family and in neighboring communities. To that end, we strive  to be a place where all feel welcome, everyone can encounter Christ, and where we all grow in Christlikeness so that united we can fulfill his mission for us.

our beliefs


The culmination of everything we believe, prefer, and understand about God and His world is Jesus Christ. He’s our Creator and King. He’s our Lord and our friend. He's our Savior and hope. He made us, holds us together and makes sense of life. He is the center of our lives, our only way to God and our promise of eternal life. He is fully God and fully man. He is our life, our way and our truth.


We believe Christ must be the center of all our gatherings and that the truest expression of our love for Jesus is worshiping Him together. Well-crafted sermons, music performances, and ministry programs definitely have their place in our gatherings, but the measure of our success is biblically-informed worship in spirit and truth where led by the Holy Spirit we freely offer Christ our best in response to all He is and all He has done, is doing, and will do for His people. 



 Every human is equally valuable, equally welcome and equally in need of Christ Jesus. We are all sinners who need God’s mercy. We all need to be loved by Jesus and reconciled to God. Those who follow Jesus aren’t any better in and of themselves. Not at all. We’ve just found out Jesus meets our core needs, is the living God who who seeks to be in relationship with us, and is our only way to a vibrant, living relationship with God. And we don’t want anyone to miss out on that. 

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our SHEPHERDS & Ministers
Hongjie Yu

Founder, Senior Pastor of SVCA

Find out more about Pastor Yu
and SVCA's history

Johnson Chiu
Associate Pastor of SVCA
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