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The wonderful testimony of how the Lord our God brought us miraculously to our current church home 


05/24 The Lord has spoken! These are His words: 

“…Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it.” (Num. 13:30)

“…but truly, as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD.” (Num. 14:21)

And the LORD said to Moses, “Has the LORD’s arm been shortened? Now you shall see whether what I say will happen to you or not.” (Num. 11:23)

The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Yes I have a good inheritance.” (Ps. 16:6)


05/25 About 100 adults and children entered the Bowers building. Brother Yu shared God’s word, MED gave affirmation. The congregation then marched in the building with songs, praises and prayers.

06/04 Three battle fronts were set: 1) Get the deal; 2) Get the permit; 3) Get the money.

06/05 The accumulated church building fund was at $780,000 on this date.

06/15 Conditional use permit application was submitted to the City of Santa Clara.

08/03 Seller accepted our offer, sales agreement became effective on 08/11.

08/18 Brother Yu began sermon series “Faith out of storms”.

08/28 First church-wide fasting prayer meeting was held at 10am in Bowers. Sister Yu admonished all to strive for growth through the church-building process.

09/01 Month of Sacrifice began.

09/13 Met with Intel and Applied Materials for the first time. Result: They were absolutely against our proposed use.

09/17 Because of Intel’s opposition, the seller terminated our sales agreement.

09/25 Second church-wide fasting prayer meeting was held in Orange Ave church building.

10/01 Month of Faith began.

11/01 Month of Thanksgiving began.

12/01 Month of Praise began with a schedule of “31-days of Praise”.

12/18 MED fasted-and-prayed all day to seek the Lord’s direction; no one thought to seek other locations. Brother Yu encouraged everyone with Zechariah 4:6-10.

12/20 The EIR report, which took three months to compile, was submitted to the City.



01/10 First round of 24/100 watch prayer began. (1/0-4/19 24hours/100days)

01/28 Orange Avenue church building formally transferred to All Grace Church.

02/18 We heard the seller had received two other higher offers.

02/28 Building fund reached $4,000,000 (including proceeds from old church building.)

03/02 A leap of faith: After much praying MED decided unanimously to buy the property without securing the CUP first. Brother Yu shared Hebrews 10:35-38.

03/06 Brother Yu shared MED’s decision with the congregation. After praying together decision was made to offer again on 03/07 at the same $7,000,000 price.

03/15 The City required us to prepare a full EIR which would take at least one-year’s time.

03/18 We were informed that the seller had signed sales agreement with a third party, and expected to close escrow in 30 days. Many were brought to tears by this news.

03/27 Brother Yu gave the sermon “Do not cast away your confidence”, everyone was strengthened, and fires of prayer rekindled.

04/20 Second round of 24/100 watch prayer began (4/20-7/28). Brother Yu emphasized “Give God what’s due Him”, and “Do not fear, only believe.”

05/12 Broker informed us: The second buyer had requested an extension for close escrow. We prayed that the seller would seek us out this time.

06/17 Seller’s agent is back to check our interest, he also suggested that we not mention the name of God to spare awkwardness for the seller. We made an offer: $7,000,000, close escrow in 40 days. In

our letter to the seller, we told him “if it weren’t for God’s promise, we would have given up on this property long ago.”

07/06 The price of $7,000,000 was accepted. Date of transfer was set for 8/20 (later extended to 9/6).

07/17 Day of Offering. The Lord did wonders. Total offering for the day: $600,000+!

07/24 Building fund reached $5,000,000.

07/28-31 Summer Retreat. God’s word and the Spirit moved powerfully and raised thunderous praises, many offered themselves to the Lord, about 30 offered themselves for full-time ministry if called.

08/05 The Lord answered our prayer and greatly blessed our meeting with Intel and Applied Materials today. They changed their attitude and offered to establish a CC&R to setup guidelines for compatible co-existence. This was a great turning point. At the meeting Intel wondered why they didn’t think of buying this property.

08/24 Building fund reached $6,000,000!

08/29-09/03 For the remaining $1,000,000 the congregation was moved to hold a weeklong fasting prayer relay by small groups, everyone was blessed. 9/02, small groups held all-night watch prayer. 9/3-9/5 is a long weekend, MED met and prayed till midnight. 9/03 Saturday from 7:30am to 1pm, the congregation gathered together again to pray.

09/05 Church coworkers called an urgent church-wide fasting prayer meeting at Orange Avenue building. Halfway through, brothers and sisters shared, thanksgiving and laughter rang out. Though we didn’t know whether we’d make it the following day an unspeakable joy filled us. During the meeting offerings were dropped off.

09/06 Thanks to the Lord! After many trying circumstances we raised $7,180,000 and closed escrow just before 5:00pm. Ownership of 3131 Bowers Avenue is transferred to the LORD. Hallelujah! God has given the land of the Gentiles to His people as an inheritance. This evening the whole congregation filled meeting hall at Orange Avenue giving glory to our Lord! Brother Yu and all team leaders told of the great works of the Lord, ”not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, But to Your name give glory, because of Your mercy, because of Your truth” (Ps 115:1). We shared a cake on which were written “Emanuel” and “Ebenezer”. Hallelujah!

09/19 Church office moved to Bowers Avenue, this land began its service to the Lord.

11/01 Coworkers met with City Planning Director to discuss our CUP application. The City maintained its attitude – they were not in favor, and insisted on a full EIR.



01/10 Intel notified us that the CC&R signed by all three parties had been recorded and become effective. The importance of this document was more than we had imagined. These two “super neighbors” change of attitude proved critical, and it was a miracle and all God’s grace.

06/04 Third round of 24/100 watch prayer began (6/4-9/11). We prayed according to the Lord’s prayer, “Hallowed be Thy name”, “May Your kingdom come”, “May Your will be done on earth”. During this year the City had made us revise our CUP documents more than 10 times, causing much strife. Meanwhile De Anza College moved us to their noisy Food Store, children had to meet in hallways, and adult Sunday school had to be cancelled. We lost many congregants. We also held several fasting prayer meetings, and started watch prayers on every Saturday.

10/06/06-03/02/07 Small groups studied the book of Nehemiah. Brother Yu provided weekly pre-study messages. Many were encouraged and inspired – God was empowering the church for battle.

10/22/06 Brother Yu began the sermon series “Brothers overcome (Satan)”. The Lord knew our need, and in His time He kept and led us according to His good will.



01/15 Preparing for public hearing we declared a 40-day fasting and prayer relay (1/15-2/23). Many joined in from overseas. We looked to the Lord to do great things at the public hearing.

End of January to beginning of February About 80 public outreach ambassadors collected nearly 3000 support letters from our surrounding communities. The Lord’s name was also spread.

02/10 18:00-22:00 The congregation held a sacred meeting. “Emanuel, El Shaddai, Ebenezer” was our theme. The Lord’s presence was touchable, there were fervent prayers, we were full of confidence about the public hearing.

02/14 1st public hearing. It was a meeting of testimonies. There was awe in the presence of God and in the direct spiritual conflict. At the last moment, the City’s attorney used an absurd excuse to prolong the hearing till the next meeting.

02/16 Though we hadn’t the passed public hearing, many gave thanksgiving testimony at Friday’s meeting. Through this public hearing we witnessed the Lord’s wonderful work.

03/14 2nd public hearing. One of the 7 commissioners was absent. The vote was 3:3, still no approval for our CUP. In the meeting, the chair-person denied us any opportunity for rebuttal or making statements. Our short video wasn’t shown, our supporters couldn’t speak. But the Lord arranged two commissioners to speak poignantly in our favor, which sent our case to City Council.

03/31, 4/1, 4/2 Three communions were held on three days. The fearful presence of the Lord was with us.

04/03 3rd public hearing, Jewish Passover. God reigned and our CUP was approved 5:2 in favor. The hearing lasted 2 hours 12 minutes. There were many twists and turns in the meeting, through it all the Lord’s presence was touchable. The whole congregation and many saints all over the world rejoiced at the news of victory.

04/17 City Council passed a resolution approving our CUP with a 7:0 vote.

06/18 Out of De Anza College for good we moved into the Bowers dining room for large meetings.

07/18 Building renovation began. Now the great challenge before us would be the construction fund.

09/18 Brother Yu shared Sunday message “…if you would believe, you would see the glory of God” as an admonition to continue our walk in faith.

10/28 For 4 weekends in a row, many brothers and sisters joined in the move and demolition of Building A, in an effort to save construction cost.

12/15 Preparation phase work done. By God’s grace we were able to pay bills totaling $1,250,000. The next phase is to build a 500-seat sanctuary, cost estimate was $3,070,000.



01/06 Cedar Training Center opening ceremony.

02/04 Began a 40-day “holiness onto God” fasting prayer relay.

02/16 Fundraising committee organized a “Love never fails” testimony and fundraising dinner. There were 170 participants; our youths served all the tables. We raised more than $80,000.

02/25 The sign of Silicon Valley Christian Assembly was erected on Bowers Avenue.

04/06 Our church’s 15th anniversary. MED took turns to give testimony to God’s grace, offering to give more to the Lord and follow more closely.

04/13 2nd Day of Offering. Once more our families gathered around the Lord’s table, giving our best to please His heart. 69 offerings were made at the meeting, totaling $145,000.

05/06 “Holiness onto the Lord” burning meeting, to sanctify all in preparation to enter the new sanctuary.

05/10-5/11 Special Dedication Meetings. 5/10 10:00am-12:00n Dedication Ceremony, 7:00pm-9:00pm Thanksgiving Testimony, 5/11 10:00am-12:00n Thanksgiving Sunday Worship.

05/11 Our days of being a “mobile church” officially ended. After eight years of moving we can finally settle in an assembly hall with a cross to commune and worship the Lord. Dear Lord, “You crown the year with Your goodness; and Your paths drip with abundance.”



04/03 We received the permanent “Occupancy Permit” from the City of Santa Clara. Hallelujah! This land will now remain a place to worship our Lord for generations to come!

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