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You can give one-time donations, set up recurring offerings, and choose the fund to which you want to contribute through our Breeze online giving


Sundays we have Offering Boxes at the back of the Sanctuary. There are envelopes in which you can place your offering and direct where it should be applied. 


Stocks may be transferred to the following account directly. Please notify us (408-988-1888) of the transfer details

(name of stock, number of stocks and date of transfer).

We will also need to have your name, address and phone number to send you a receipt.

Our stock account is:

Charles Schwab, account # 50348242

DTC# 0164 Code# 40


Text the amount you want to give to (408)461-3136. To designate funds, include one of the desired keywords after the amount. If no keyword is included, it will go directly to the general fund.

KEYWORDS:  (in bold)

  • Tri-Valley (Tri-Valley Campus Fund)

  • Benevolence (Benevolence Fund)

  • Sanctuary (Future 1000-seat-sanctuary)

  • CUP (CUP Changing/Rezoning?

  • Seth  (Seth Ministry)

  • Mission (Mission Fund)

  • Courtyard (Building Fund)

  • Johnson (Designated Offerings for Pastor Johnson)

  • Yu (Designated Offerings for Pastor Yu)

  • Joseph (Designated Offerings for Joseph Ren)

  • Jianxun (Designated Offerings for Jianxun)

  • Nancy (Designated Offerings for Pastor Nancy)

  • Ellen (Designated Offerings for Ellen)

  • Dajun (Designated Offerings for Dajun)

  • COVID (COVID-19 Fund)

  • VBS (2020 VBS)

  • BALM (BALM Fund)

  • CTC (Cedar Training Center)


God will provide all our needs. We believe the primary conduit of this provision is the financial support of those who believe great things are possible through God's local church in Silicon Valley. No guilt. No pressure. Give freely. Give as the Lord leads and to the degree He has given to you. 


We all know that we can do so much more together than individually, so our pooled resources help support God's work throughout the area, inside the church walls, and well into the streets of Santa Clara, San Jose, the Bay and beyond to the ends of the earth. We want to partner regularly with you and organizations doing good in our city and throughout the world.


SVCA honors your gifts with faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and full accountability so that the financial integrity of Silicon Valley Christian Assembly will be beyond reproach.


We practice high standards of biblical accountability through board governance and proper use of charitable resources. For any questions about our financial practices, just ask. 

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