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Series: Book of John

     The Lord is My Strength and Song           

1. Know that God is Good and His Mercy is forever

2. Know that He hears us when we call and is ever with us

3. Know that He alone is our salvation

4. Build our lives in 2024 on a firm foundation

William Liao

December 31

     Unto You, Hope is Born           

1. God’s Promise of Hope

2. God’s Promise to be Fulfilled

3. God’s Promises Fulfilled

Kevin Branstetter

December 24

     Praise: Knowing Your Place           

Genesis 22:1-5    Job 1:20       Isaiah 6:5

Job 38:4             Job 42:5-6     Luke 5:8

Revelations 22:8  Psalm 150      Philippians 4:8

Pastor Jason Wu

December 17

     Living a Life of Praise           

1. Praise Requires Surrender

2. Praise Brings Synergy

3. Praise Produces Life

Kevin Branstetter/Josephine Chang

December 10

     Breaking Through by Giving Thanks           

Psalm 50:23

2 Corinthians 2:14

Pastor Nancy/David Yu/Rose Miao

November 26


1. Are you a thankful person?

2. Turn every complaint into a thanksgiving

3. Develop a heart of gratitude

4. Give thanks in all circumstances

5. let there be thanksgiving

Aaron Yu/Stephen Ni

November 19

     All The Way to Calvary           

1. All the way to Calvary Jesus went for me

2. Help me, Lord, to go with Thee, All the way to Calvary

William Liao

November 12

     Obedient Son           

1. The innocent Son

2. The Faithful Son

3. How shall we respond

Chinh Vu

November 5

     Jesus’ Prayer for His People           

1. Glorifying God

2. Glorifying Christ

3. Believers Bring Unity in the World

Kevin Branstetter

October 29

     The Overcoming Life           

1. Flourishing in a dark world

2. Nourished & protected by the Holy Spirit

3. Enjoying eternal life now

Chinh Vu

October 22

     I am the True Vine – Abide in Me           

1. I am the True Vine

2.  Abide in Me

3. Keep My commandments and you will abide in My love

William Liao

October 15

     Show Us !           


John 14

1. Our needing to see, to have proof, and our inability to trust and believe in the unseen.

2. Difference between living in the flesh and in the Spirit

Jason Wu

October 8

     Heavenly Love Changes the World           


1. True Love is Service

2. True Love Starts at Home

3. Peter’s Imperfection

Kevin Branstetter

October 1

    Be Children of Light           


1. Become Children of Light

2. The Children of Light Serve

3. The Children of Light Believe

Kevin Branstetter

September 17

    I am the Resurrection and the Life           


1. How much do we really know Jesus?

2. Jesus wants us to know Him more and more

3. If you would believe (in Him) you would see the glory of God

William Liao

September 10

    Holiness Unto The Lord           


1. God is Holy and He is the One who makes us holy

2. Being united (in accord) with the holy life of Christ

3. Experiencing the sanctification work of the Holy Spirit

Pastor Yu, William Liao, Aaron Yu, Stephen Ni

August 27

      Death and Taxes   


1. John11

2. Psalm 49

Jason Wu

August 20

      John 10: The Good Shepherd   


1. Thieves and Robbers

2. The Good Shepherd

3. The Messiah’s Identity

Kevin Branstetter

August 13

      I Was Blind but Now I See   


1. We are like the man who was made to see

2. A miracle that became a sign for all to see

3. Made into an irrefutable witness

4. A greater seeing

William Liao

August 6

      Tomorrow will be better than today !?!   


1. Everyone dreams and hopes that "tomorrow will be better than today!"

2. Is the future really under my control? Will it really get better?

3.  The living hope and glorious future that can only be, and must be, in Christ

Pastor Yu

July 30

      I am the Light of the World   


1. Jesus Said, “I am the Light of the World”

2. For those who would not believe

   a. You are deceived

   b. You will remain a slave to Sin

3.  For those who believe

   a. You will know that “I AM [He]”

   b. You shall know the truth and be set free from Sin

William Liao

July 23

      Mercy Triumphs Over Judgement   


1. Do Justly

2. Love Mercy

3.  Walk Humbly with your God

William Liao

July 16

      Blessed to be the blessings   


1. Genesis 12: 1-3

2. Dig Wells

3. Don't fill Wells

4. Expect the Well-fillers

John Tuggy

July 9

      Be anxious for nothing. Is it possible?   


1. Worrying in itself does not solve anything

2. Trusting in the keeping of our Heavenly Father - there is nothing to fear

3. Learn to come before the Lord and cast off all your burdens

Pastor Hongjie Yu

July 2

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