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Series: New Man Discipleship 

The Church in the Expanding Kingdom of God


1. The Great Commission details what we are to do

2. The promise of the Holy Spirit empowers us to be His witnesses

3. The Great Commandment prioritizes our hearts as we serve

4. The church needs to obey and remain outward focused

Pastor Johnson Chiu

June 26

Living a Bodily Life


1. Why is living a Bodily (Church) life so important

   a. What is the Church

   b. It is uniquely loved by the Lord

   c. It is a place of commanded blessings

2. Practical living of the Bodily life

   a. Back to the beginning

   b. We need Each other

William Liao

June 12

Understanding the Will of God


1. The heart of a follower of Jesus Christ is to do His will

2. God has a definite plan and purpose for your life

3. God reveals His will to his people

4. What is needed for us to comprehend and receive the will of God?

Pastor Johnson Chiu

June 5

Building a Stable Spiritual Walk


1. Why Should we have a Spiritual Walk

   a. Deeper spirituality helps us live more abundantly

   b. Deeper spirituality helps us grow closer to God

   c. Deeper spirituality helps us serve more powerfully

2. How to Build a Spiritual Walk

   a. Seek heavenly things in your life

   b. Seek spiritual habits

   c. Seek spiritual companions

Kevin Branstetter

May 29

Someone Has Got to Die


1. An old story of reconciliation

2. At the heart of God is Reconciliation

3. We’ve been given the ministry of reconciliation

4. Reconciliation begins from the inside out

5. If there is going to be reconciliation, someone is going to have to die

William Liao

May 22

Jesus Christ First


1. Jesus Christ needs to be recognized as the victorious, risen Lord

2. Watch out for the flesh, the world, and the devil

3. Allow Jesus Christ to be first in your life

Pastor Johnson Chiu

May 15

The Manifestation of Christ - Christ be Magnified in Me


1. Chosen by God as an instrument to Magnify Christ

2. Not I but Christ - Of Him, By Him, and Through Him

3. God can do far more through us than we can possibly imagine

William Liao

May 1

The Manifestation of Christ - Being witnesses of the Word Become Flesh


1. We are restored to our original design in creation when are renewed in Christ

2. We are renewed in Christ so we can bring glory to God

3. We bring glory to God by living out Christ

4. Bigger than a Temple

Pastor Johnson Chiu

April 24

A Different King for a Different Kingdom


1. Greater than an Emperor

2. Greater than the World

3. Bigger than a Castle

4. Bigger than a Temple

Kevin Branstetter

April 10

Hope for Dark Days


1. How have you experienced darkness in the last two years?

2. God tells us what is wrong with the world

3. God has taken care of the key problem in life

4. How can we be saved?

Pastor Johnson Chiu

April 3

The New Life – The Substitution of Christ (2)


1. The core of the Christian life - No Longer I but Christ

2. The offer of a Great Exchange

3.  The enemy has deceived most of us (most of the time) from the exceeding worth of this great exchange

4. Need to understand the dreadfulness of the flesh

5. God begins the work of sanctification

William Liao

March 27

The Exchanged Life


1. Why is there conflict and frustration living the Christian life

2. Where is freedom to be found

3. Relinquishing control to gain Christ

Pastor Johnson Chiu

March 20

The Formation of Christ (2)


1. Why is the Formation of Christ so important

2. What the Formation of Christ is and is not

3. What hinders the Formation of Christ

4. What promotes the Formation of Christ

William Liao

March 13

The Formation of Christ


1. The battle for truth will determine your spiritual formation

2. You grow spiritually as you are formed into the image of Jesus

3. Spiritual formation sharpens your spiritual discernment

Pastor Johnson Chiu

Feb 27

The Indwelling Christ (2)


1. The importance of Christ in me

2. The Importance of abiding in Christ

3. God will never stop pursuing you

William Liao

Feb 20

The Indwelling Christ


1. Christ is now living and active in us!

2. Christ has become our everything!

3. Christ will always be with us!

Pastor Johnson Chiu

Feb 13

Proclaiming the Good News


1. What is the gospel?

2. Who shares the gospel?

3. How do I share the gospel?

4. What about the response to the gospel?

Pastor Johnson Chiu

Jan 30

Glorifying God through the Proclamation of the Gospel


1. God’s glory is our primary goal as followers of Christ

2. Evangelism brings glory to God as more people worship Him

3. The Apostle Paul emphasizes proclamation as the primary way to bring more glory to God

4. Called to the impossible task of giving life to the dead

Pastor Johnson Chiu

Jan 23

Boldly Glorifying God in 2022


1. How can you be bold for Christ

2. Our goal is to glorify God by living a life worthy of Christ

3. Be fully convinced, with one mind, so you do not waver in your commitment to Christ

4. Do not stop with the gift of salvation but pay the price of following Christ

Pastor Johnson Chiu

Jan 16

Glorifying God in 2022


1. Glorify God by rejoicing during difficulty

2. Glorify God by entrusting your future to Him

3. Glorify God by courageously intentionally honoring Christ

4. Glorify God by settling the issue of life and death

Pastor Yu and Pastor Johnson Chiu

Jan 9

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