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This Month in Ministry

Dear SVCA Families,

This past month has been fruitful. We have implemented our new elementary group names. Their names are Simba (K-1st), Leo (2nd-3rd), and Lion (4th-5th). Once we are able to return to the church, these names will be much more relevant from week to week. We ask that you be praying for the many volunteer teachers who lead these groups each week. The students have been having fun in their classes and we have been practicing new worship song dances during our monthly combined meetings. They are always so enthusiastic in trying to dance and in asking questions. What a blessing it is to be able to teach them and guide them each week. 

Also, many of the Titus students have been hard at work reading through the book "Case for Christ" in our newly formed Titus Book Club. Many deep questions have been raised and it has been interesting to see how they effect the students. Let us pray together for this book to spark interest in their hearts.


From all of us in Team Kephir,

May God bless you and your children abundantly this month. :D

Upcoming Events

-07/24/2021: Kephir Graduate Celebration (5th & 8th graders)

Ministry Updates

-All Hybrid and Zoom Streamed Kephir Services will be Discontinued starting from 

Prayer Needs

-Continue to Pray for our Student's Emotional Wellbeing

-Pray for our 5th grade and 8th grade graduates

Ministry Needs

-Will Need Volunteer Leaders, Teachers, and Chaperones For Elementary and Titus groups After COVID-19

Able To Help? Email Director Kevin at kevin.branstetter@svca.cc