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messages in MAY AND JUNE


Will Liao delivers the message on how and why God's family plan is for parents to pass on their spiritual heritage to their children.


Brother Jun Yang shares a moving message on following God's plan for our families from Luke 2. What does it mean for your family to be about the Father's business? 
MAY 20 


While our culture is quesitoning God's perfect design for marriage, often our own hearts are also struggling with how and why to follow His plan. Let's look into how God's design reveals our relationship with Jesus Christ and how we give Him glory in the everyday rhythm of our married life.  
JUNE 10 


In this special bilingual message, discover how God designed the family as the perfect vessel for discipleship in our homes and churches as we dig into Deuteronomy 6.  

MAY 27 


On Father's Day we put on display the unique and beautiful relationship between God the Father and God the Son. Our goal and application is what Jesus prayed in John 17:3 - to know the Father and His Son. Our text is John 5:19-40. 
JUNE 17 


What does it mean to be in God's family? We often call each other brothers and sisters around here, but what are the amazing possibilities and responsibilities of being a church family? We turn to Hebrews 10 to find out. 
JUNE 24 

God's love, Jesus christ santa clara san jose hope holy spirit God church bay area silicon valley svca sermon teaching gospel john confidence
God's love, Jesus christ santa clara san jose hope holy spirit God church bay area silicon valley svca sermon teaching gospel john confidence


LDC Banner_English.jpg

Dear Brothers and Sisters and Friends,  
Peace to you! 
One Spirit to Exalt Christ, One Course to Expand His Kingdom” is not only the theme for this year’s SVCA 25th Anniversary, but also the theme of this year’s Labor Day Conference. Our hope is to continue on the path of “one spirit, one course” to actualize the vision and mission which the Lord has given us 25 years ago when our church began -- “Christ is all and in all”. And for our future, we will humbly take the rich abundance that is in the house of God, and partake in His kingdom expansion work along with all others churches in this generation. 
We look forward to worshiping God in His presence with you during SVCA’s annual spiritual feast through morning devotions, music worship, prayer, and sermons; and through fellowship with the saints we encourage one another on this heavenly way. Let us pray that all of us can be enlarged by God to walk out of our comfort zone and enter into different kingdom working fields, such as local evangelism, missions, trainings, and web ministries, etc. Therefore, we can truly live out a testimony of “One Spirit to Exalt Christ, One Course to Expand His Kingdom”!  
May God use this conference to abundantly bless us! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        2018 LDC Committee 


 Ernest Waldvogel 

Our Speaker

Pastor Ernest Waldvogel is the pastor of Church of the Good Shepherd in New York. He is a servant to whom God has entrusted much; he is humble and gentle in spirit and his messages are full of anointing. Pastor Waldvogel has been our Conference speaker for over 10 years.  Both English and Chinese congregations love Pastor Earnest very much.  Pastor Ernest and his wife, Joyce, have three children and three grandchildren. 

8 Marks of A Christian 2
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Sept 3

Hongjie Yu 

Our Speaker

Pastor Hongjie Yu was born again when he was a youth. Pastor Yu was diagnosed with tumors during childhood and has undergone a wide range of treatment since then, including eight surgeries.  After working in the Silicon Valley computer industry for twelve years, he was called to full-time ministry in 1991 and started Christian Assembly church with his wife and several other coworkers.

Panel Discussion

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