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i speak life 

God has a lot to say about our mouths. What power and possibility and what danger and destruction can come from such a small part of our bodies. The Bible tells us plainly that out of our mouths flows the abundance of our hearts. Will we speak forth destruction or construction? Blessing or cursing? Self-promotion or praise of the Most High?

In this November series, we looked into how are mouths can be fruitful to God's glory in building up others, thanking the Lord in gratitude, and praising Jesus Christ for all He is, does, and will do. 

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it
will eat its fruit.



Looking into Ephesians 4, we discover God's great desire for our transformed mouths to build up His church into maturity, unity, and Christlikeness. 
Nov. 12, 2017


This time of year people often ask "What are you thankful for?" Christ's people can truly be constantly thankful not in general but to and for our Savior and the life we have in Him. As we look into Ephesians 1, see how gratitude in Christ is our antidote to idolatry, worry and self-absorption. 
Nov. 19, 2017


What's the difference between praise and thanksgiving? Why does God require and deserve our praise? We stay in Ephesians 1 as the Lord grows us into people for whom praising God's excellent being is an integral part of our lives.

[please excuse our audio difficulties] 
Nov. 26, 2017

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