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The Fruitful Family

Our families face such intense pressure, attack, and confusion today. Yet, God's word reveals such value, hope, and salvation for the human family, flourishing for our home families, and power to live as God's family in the church. God designed the human family with great purpose to flourish and has graciously given us roles inside the family to help us relate to Him, love one another, and serve his mission in the world. Not only does our Creator know what is best for our family, but God has chosen to reveal himself as our Heavenly Father who sent His Son so that we might be grafted into the very family of God!


In this 4-Part series, we look into how the Bible says a fruitful family operates in honor, stewardship, and submission before turning to see the special calling on the fruitful father.  

By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be my disciples


Why is honor so important to our God and what is the secret for honoring our parents the way He desires? Come look into Mark 7 and Jesus' critique of culture supplanting God's word when it comes to family. 



God has blessed our families with gifts, skills, materials, and relationships as well as time and energy to live for His kingdom. How will we steward what God has put into our hands, especially the great gift of children, with kingdom mission? 



We don't have to be extreme to realize that there is a crisis in modern fatherhood. Come see the biblical hope and God's great call in the privilege, priorities, and payoff of fruitful Christian fatherhood.



At the heart of a fruitful family is a submission of all we are and all we want to Jesus.  


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