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FREE to be fruitful

The Apostle Paul tells the Galatians that they have been set free in Christ to be free. To stay free. To live free. And in all of this Christ-won freedom, to become Christlike. This is where the fruit of the Spirit comes in. This is simply the Christ-centered, God-formed life of Jesus that is growing in us and lived out through us in everyday life. This fruit is singular. It is for all believers. And it is the organic, supernatural consequence of life in Christ Jesus. But what are we to do?   

In this 7-Part series, we look into the Fruit of the Spirit so we can more fully know and then walk out these practical pictures of godliness for which we have been set free. The Holy Spirit desires to make us all progressively fruitful people who are fully like Christ and fully walking in Christ. Come grow with us!  

For freedom Christ has set us free; 
stand firm therefore, and do not submit
again to a yoke of slavery.



We kickoff the series by exploring what spiritual fruit is, what stops us from having it more freely and how we live it out. Starting with Love, we begin to discover what it looks like to live out practical Christlikeness.

Sept, 10, 2017



Our hearts and heads obsess just a bit about trying to [finally] be happy. But what is this Christ-centered, love-born joy that Paul says should be forming in our hearts?
Come and see.

Sept. 17, 2017



Jesus told us not to worry.
But we live pretty anxious lives here in Silicon Valley. Let's look into how true love leads to peace that surpasses all of our drama, dreams, and life's demands. We were blessed to have William Liao share on this important aspect of the fruit of the Spirit

Oct. 1, 2017


Impatient much? The Holy Spirit desires to form in us a Christlike patience that flows out of perfect love. What's the connection and is this too good to be true? 

Oct. 8, 2017


Though we live in a dog-eat-dog world, most of us want to be believe we're pretty kind and do seek to be gentler. Christ has a plan for us though to take on His kind of kindness and gentleness. What does that look like? Well, glad you asked...  

August 6, 2017


Faith is at the core of what it means to follow Christ. We follow a faithful God who calls us to be like Him - faithful! William Liao leads us to explore what this practically means for us not just to begin our relationship with Jesus but to live that out daily. 

Oct. 22, 2017


Meekness isn't praised in our culture and yet it's a key part of who Jesus is and how He operates. In all His ways, the King of Kings compels and conquers not by force but through grace-filled love that draws us gently to Him and gently, steadily takes over our hearts. 

Due to schedule, our series could not include a sermon on Gentleness but we think it is important so please click for a message and materials on Gentleness


 While we're told true freedom is making your own morality and living unlimited, God offers us a much more beautiful life of true liberty in Christ and gives us the power to live free within His limits.
Oct. 29, 2017

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