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God isn't looking for His children to say magic words, provide a divine courtesy, or appease Him. God knows that one of our great heart issues is a thanks issue. He's after our hearts being shaped and oriented towards Him and knows we're prone to wander away in distraction, self-fulfillment, and finding other gods to thank for things we idolize. Come see how in Christ Jesus we are made alive to give durable, daily, and eternal thanks to Him and be in mission to bring others into this life of true gratitude.  



If you were to wake up tomorrow morning with only those things which you had thanked God for, what would you have? Would you have Jesus? We know we should be thankful but what stops us from really living this out? Ungrateful hearts are in a dangerous place so we're looking into how Christ breaks through our thanklessness in Luke 17:12-19.



We reflect on the reality that thank-soaked worship is our correct, lived out response to all God is and all He has done, is doing and will do. We have been set free to live daily thanksgiving  



One of the most practical applications of the liberated Christian life is fulfilling our purpose to daily, durably bring thanks to our Lord in all situations. What does this look like in our jobs, schools, homes, and how does it shape our goals and aspirations? Come and see as we look into 2 Cor. 4:7-18


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