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This year God has called us to live more freely in the Spirit in our total worship -how we live, praise, and minister. First though we have to unpack how we were unleashed from sin and what it means to be liberated in Christ. This moving series looks into what it means to be truly, finally free in Christ's redemption from sin, Satan, and self. 

Liberated to Life  


God has set us free in Christ from the sin that bound us in rebellion, disobedience, and lostness. But our great Lord has not only saved us from hell but saved us into to an abundant life with Him. Come and see what this means for us today.


The Freedom of Redemption

Being unleashed in the Spirit means that our whole lives are redeemed by Christ. He is shaping us to be like Him daily and as we abide we are truly free. But this redemption looks quite a bit different than the freedom our world promises.

Evil's Lost Grip 


Our liberation in Christ includes Satan's lost grip on our lives - our minds, our hearts, our souls. Christ is our Lord now and He has won the victory over evil in the world and the evil in our own hearts. 


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