Newman Discipleship

With the vision of building up the Body of Christ as the purpose, this program seeks to make disciples of Jesus Christ, focusing on exercising the core of our Christian faith.

Available Lessons

Becoming a New Creation
Knowing Sin and the Flesh
The purpose and value of the creation of humankind
Becoming Disciples of Jesus Christ

Future Lessons

Section 1: New Creation

ND2-005 Knowing the world and being separated from it 

ND2-006 Knowing the Holy Spirit

ND2-007 Experiencing the Holy Spirit

ND2-008 Knowing the spiritual battles

ND2-009 From new creation to the New Man (Knowing the Body of Christ)

Section 2: New Life

ND2-010 Christ’s indwelling - “The treasure in jars of clay” (Unite with Christ)

ND2-011 Christ’s image - “Conforming to the image of Christ” (Experience Christ) 

ND2-012 Christ’s substitution - “No longer I, but Christ” (Receive Christ)

ND2-013 Christ’s manifestation - Being the witness of “the Word became flesh” (Live out Christ)

Section 3: New Living

ND2-014 Let Christ be first - Offer myself as a living sacrifice

ND2-015 Establish a stable spiritual walk

ND2-016 Understand God’s will

ND2-017 Break bread to commune with God

ND2-018 Know the biblical significance of family 

ND2-019 Living “Body Life”

ND2-020 Be a faithful and wise steward

ND2-021 Walk through the spiritual valley

Section 4: New Mission

ND2-022 Our vision and mission

ND2-023 Being a spiritual vessel with impacts on others

ND2-024 Building up the Body of Christ

ND2-025 Exalting Christ in one spirit and expanding His kingdom in one course

ND2-026 Preparing for the Lord’s second coming

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