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6/29/2019 Saturday

Address: 580 Charles St. San Jose, CA 95112

Parking is extremely limited, so please carpool if it's possible


✓ Wear long pants, closed-toe shoes and a t-shirt. no yoga pants or crop tops.

✓ No jewelry or personal belongings

✓ Volunteers must be 14 years and older

✓ Follow directions


(Voluntary) 2:30PM Cityteam Campus Tour

Cityteam staffs are kind enough to give us a tour around the San Jose campus! If you have a heart of getting to know what God is doing among the other ministries, this will be an eye opening experience. Cityteam is a Christian nonprofit compassionately serving the poor, the homeless, and the lost since 1957. Today, with the help of volunteers and faithful donors, Cityteam is impacting the lives of over 500,000 people each year. Please arrive at 2:30pm if you are willing to participate in the tour, as there's only one round available.

3:30PM Check-in in Dining Hall

3:40PM Overview of Cityteam

3:50PM Training & report to assigned service area

4:30PM Meal service for residents

5:00PM Meal service for guests

5:45PM Hope Café closes - clean-up begins

6:30PM Debrief


Why are we doing this?

Cityteam's Hope Cafe provides our guests with an exceptional dining experience! Imagine a warm and welcoming dinner with table hosts and servers and a gourmet meal. This is more than just a meal. This is a time for our guests to feel loved and valued.

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